Patient Stories

A Clear Vision: Needs An Early Detection

3 year old little Mouli had squint in her both eyes since birth. It not only hampered her looks but also was a reason for her low vision. Her parents went to goverment Hospital in Kolkata for her treatment but she was lost to follow-up. She came to Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre, Salt Lake where doctor advised her for surgery. Her parents were a bit apprehensive at first but our doctor convinced them and they understood that the surgery was needed urgently.She then underwent squint surgery on 28th Nov, 2019 under Dr. Anuradha Chandra.
Now little Mouli and her parents are happy and they realize that an early detection and proper treatment are necessary to save a child’s vision.

A Successful Surgery: Makes Future Secure

Hasan Golder, a boy from North 24 Parganas noticed his squint when he was just 4 years old. With each and every passing day it was increasing. His parents were getting restless when they thought about their child’s future. When he was just 4 year 6 months, he was taken to a goverment hospital where he was prescribed glasses. But things did not improve and then his parents took him to another hospital at Amdanga and again new spectacles were prescribed. But Hasan did not get any relief with the new pair of glasses. At the age of 10years, the child was brought to the Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre, Salt Lake through an outreach programme. On 26th Nov, 2019 a successful squint surgery was done by Dr. Anuradha Chandra.
At this point his family members are happy to see that now Hasan is able to fulfill his dream and squint will no longer be an obstacle for his future anymore.

Don’t Let your Child Become A Victim of Mockery

Synuddin Mondal age 4 years had a squint since his birth but it was intermittent at that time. With every passing day his disability became clear. Little Synuddin was becoming an annoying child day by day as he was the victim of mockery by his friend. He lost his interest towards playing.
He was taken to a local doctor at Barasat, where doctor suggested him spectacles.One day Susrut had organized an ICDS camp and he was detected with eye problem and referred to Salt Lake Susrut for further treatment. They took their child to Susrut where he was advised for squint surgery. Then he underwent squint surgery in both his eyes by Dr. Anuradha Chandra. After continuous follow-up his parents are now happy because their son is able to see things properly and little Synuddin is happy as he is no longer a victim of mockery.

Journey Towards Light

Ankita, a 13 year old girl, from North 24 Parganas, had an eye problem since childhood and with each passing day the condition of her eyes became worse. Her parents took her to a local doctor for treatment where she was given glasses and some eye drops but it was not fruitful. After some days, a school screening camp was conducted at ‘ Bhudeb Smriti’ School by Susrut Eye Hospital from where she was referred to our base hospital by our experienced one. Ankita’s parents were not interested to take her to the hospital but our C.H.W (Community Health Worker) convinced them and took them to Susrut Salt Lake hospital. There she was detected with squint and doctor advised her for surgery.On 28th Nov, 2019 she got operated by Dr. Asmita Ray. Ankita and her parents are happy with the services provided by team Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre for giving back Ankita a normal and healthy life.

Susrut Brings Confidence Back

10 years old Jahangir Laskar realized his eye problem at the age of 7years. Mostly he was facing a problem to study at night. As a result he lost his confidence and became a very shy boy. His parents did not take him to any doctor because they could not afford it. So gradually his parents became helpless.Then one day Jahangir was detected with his eye problem at School Screening camp organized by Susrut eye hospital and referred to Salt Lake Susrut for treatment. On 28th Nov 2019 he underwent squint surgery in both of his eyes by Dr. Asmita Ray,free of cost. With successful surgery he got his confidence back and was happy with his straight eyes. He also got back good vision with the help of his new spectacles, which he got from Susrut.His parents are overwhelmed with joy and thankful to Susrut for being with them towards the journey of Jahangir from being a depressed child to happy bright one due to his straight eyes.