Outreach Activities of Susrut

Adult camp (Preliminary Screening)

We organize free eye checkup camp for adults in the community (urban & rural) to identify cataract and other eye diseases. We are also providing cataract surgeries for elderly patients free of cost as well as at a subsidized price.


Pediatric Camp

A child goes blind somewhere in the world every minute, yet much of childhood blindness is preventable. we organize free camps in school and ICDS to assess refractive error of children and dispense free spectacles, recognition of cataracts and other surgical ailments, which are referred to the hospital. Through these activities we reach out to children to help in their education and day to day activities.


Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Camps

Diabetic Retinopathy screening camps are often held in community vision centers because screening people for this disease requires special medical expertise. DR screening camps are specialized exclusively in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. However, while the focus is on detecting diabetic retinopathy before it causes irreversible blindness (and this sometimes means detecting diabetes in patients who don’t know they have it), patients who suffer from other eye disorders will also be referred to our main hospital.


Awareness campaigns

 We organize community base awareness campaigns to sensitize different stakeholders on quality eye care service.
 We train school teachers and ICDS teachers on general eye care, vision screening and a proper referral system.
 We display IEC materials in the community to spread awareness on Primary Eye care among the population in general.

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