Project SAFE

Project SAFE

As the fight against pandemic seems long, yet positive, we are on the lookout of innovative approaches. We see collaboration as one of the imperative steps to enable transformation in these challenging times. Collaborations to learn & share, collaboration to replicate & scale-up. Research and development, trails, training, innovations, sustainability initiatives are the main driving force behind starting this new journey.

We have started this wonderful journey keeping in mind the following –

  • Reduce the running expenditure of the hospital, hence saving funds.
  • Searching talents within Susrut and to create an opportunity to use the expertise and generate fund beyond regular ophthalmic services.
  • To create an opportunity so that the members can earn more.
  • To create an opportunity where more scope of employment is generated.
  • To optimize the human resources in a structured manner which will reduce the HR cost of the hospital.

Project SAFE is on its way under the following –


-Production of in house linen like Caps, Masks, Gowns, etc., through its tailoring and designing. This will ensure the quality of the products for internal use primarily and to reduce the hospital expenditure.


Optimal utilization of vehicles – fuel, maintenance, reallocation of the human resource by innovative e-enabling.

Linen House

Optimal utilization of human resource, primarily in-house laundry and activities related to it.



It will cover maintenance of electrical, plumbing, carpentry of primarily in-house requirements and training for reducing maintenance cost of the hospital through e-enabling.Optimal utilization of human resource, primarily in-house laundry and activities related to it.

Very thankful to our staff members of Susrut Eye Fondation and Research Centre.

SAFE Crèche cum Daycare Center

An institution that take care of those children whose parents are out for work and cannot look after them as a result day care center an organization of professionals (KONG) who will take care of children in place of their parents.

Vision & Mission

To create a safe, engaged and secure environment where children learn at their own will and pace so that they can stay curious, yet become independent and responsible humans.
This program is designed for children between the ages one year to ten years. Your kids learn essential knowledge and skills through activities that are experiential, fun, and social. As they engage with their surroundings and the people with them, they grow independent and confident yet collaborative and compassionate.

Those interested NOW or NEAR FUTURE can avail this special discount of one time society membership fee of Rs 1000(one thousand) only latest by 22/05/2020. You can contact Mr Amit Pal – 9153330883 / for further details.

SAFE Crèche cum Daycare Center