Susrut has allied with the following:

Orbis and Susrut are working for the pediatric population of the country. Free camps are organized to assess the refractive error and dispense free spectacles, recognition of cataracts and referral to the hospital for surgery, squint and squint surgery.

Koshika is working together with Susrut and organizing adult camps for free retinal, cataract and glaucoma surgeries. Under pediatric department they are organizing camps for retinal and glaucoma surgeries.

Helpage India is working with Susrut for providing cataract surgeries for elderly patients who require in free as well as subsidized manner.

Sight saver runs two projects; Urban project-Urban project runs three vision centres for the needy who cannot afford the regular eye checkup. This also runs training programs for the community workers, health workers, aanganwadi women etc.

Sightsavers also organize camps for the CEAT tire company. The camps are organized in the CEAT garage where the drivers, mechanics, helpers (khalasees) etc, everybody gets their eye checkup done and dispensing of free spectacles is done. Rotary international- they work together for the under privileged people who cannot afford the regular eye checkup. Cataract surgeries are done at free of cost or in subsidized manner.

Susrut is also working with Governmental organizations like

  • NPCB (National Program for Control of Blindness)
  • Sarva Shiksha Mission
  • Government of West Bengal
  • Bihar Government
  • Tripura Government
  • Tripura Government