Private Clinic is

When the world was in a temporary pause due to the pandemic, we were busy setting up Private Clinic facilities for you.

The Private Clinic facilities vary from the general check-ups. Generally you book your offline appointment in the clinic, stand in queue to get your eyes checked up in the general mode, but in Private Clinic facility, you book your appointment online sitting at home and when you come at Susrut, you don’t have to get in a queue. Our careful staffs will check your online appointment details and take you to the area where social distancing norms are being properly maintained.

Ophthalmologists in the Private Clinic are well equipped to fight the CoViD-19 and they will take the best care of your eyes as well as your safety. So, don’t wait for the pandemic to end to get your eyes checked up because the problem may get worse.


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Get your eyes checked up in the Private Clinic.

Private clinic is accessible strictly on appointment.


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