At present, all parts of the world are hit hard by COVID 19. The department of Oculoplasty and Orbit at Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre is taking all possible measures to protect its patients and staff from contracting the disease. 

       In the OPD, we are following safety measures like social distancing, hand-sanitisation and masks for our patients and staff. Surface decontamination is done several times in a day by trained housekeeping staff. Doctors are using special protective gear, including N95 masks, face shields, breath shields attached to slit-lamps, etc. for prevention of contamination. All procedures are being performed with utmost precaution. 
       In the operating room, we are maintaining utmost vigil to prevent any spread of infection. Doctors and OT staff are wearing personal protective equipment and performing all surgeries and procedures following recommended guidelines.

       We feel our collective efforts will enable us to cope with this pandemic and at the same time, continue our high quality eye-care services.


Retina Department Protocols:


1.All patients are undergoing thermal screening , Hand washing & hand sanitisation


2. Only one attendant is allowed with the patient


3. History of the places are noted down ( people from containment zone are restricted  and COVID suspect patients are referred to appropriate centres)


4. History is taken at triage area ( patients with red eye are seen in a special Red Eye clinic )


5. Patients are asked to sit in the waiting area with proper social distancing with their masks


6. In consultation room proper sanitisation & disinfection are carried out in between patients 


7. Only necessary appropriate non invasive & quick tests are  done 


8. Not more than 7 Retina surgeries a day ( Restricted numbers )


9. Not more than 7 intravitreal injection a day( Restricted numbers )


10. Surgeons taking full aseptic care with PPE .


11. Proper cleaning and disinfection of OT in between surgeries.


12. Patients are provided with face masks in OT.


13. Patients are discharged as soon as possible.


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