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  • Their theory knowledge will run parallel to the practical that they will observe here
  • Learning patient management
  • Basic practical knowledge is provided so that they are prepared in advance for their next year internship
  • Duration- 1 year once a week
  • Fees- 2000/-
  • Optom Avhijit Das
  • Through Colleges Of Optometry
“I am a student of 3rd year Bachelor of Optometry from, NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata. When we got this opportunity to visit an eye hospital every week, and get to see all what we have learnt in the books, we were very thrilled. Susrut has a great patient influx and the working environment is very pleasant. We observe and learn patient management. All in all, Susrut has completed me in visualization of eye conditions which I had only been seeing in books. ”
Debajyoti Debnath
3rd year, B.optom, NSHM Knowledge Campus Kolkata, WB

“I am a student of Vidyasagar College of Optometry & Vision science, as of now in 3rd year. We were fascinated and delighted to be a part of something new. To get to have experience in the most practical ways possible, which we previously only saw or read in books was quite an amazing experience, one can have in this field. Susrut has the state of the art facilities available to all and with working environment provided it makes it stand alone from the rest. It made my approach to Vision care a little different than what i had learnt from the books, by observing, analyzing & gaining skills in terms of patient management.”
Sreejit Sarkar
3rd year B.optom, Vidyasagar College of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Kolkata, WB.

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