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What is Squint?

Squint ,in layman language means the deviating eye, is a visual defect in which eyes are not in alignment and point in different directions. One eye may look straight ahead, while the other eye may turn inward, outward, upward or downward.


The exact cause of strabismus is not fully understood. Six eye muscles, controlling the eye movement, are attached to the outside of each eye. In each eye, two muscles function to move the eye right or left. The other four muscles move it up or down or at an angle.

Strabismus is especially common among children with disorders that affect the brain such as:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Down syndrome
  • Hydrocephalus, and
  • Brain tumors.


  • eyes are deviated
  • Vision in the deviated eye is generally weak

When to consult a doctor?

  • When you observe the deviation is increasing day by day, it should be reported.
  • After some diseases like typhoid, also sometimes the deviation develops.
  • If the squint develops after a an accident or without the patient’s realisation the eyes have deviated suddenly, he should immediately report to an ophthalmologist.

Most common types

  • Esotropia- inward movement of the eyes
  • Exotropia-outward movement of the eyes


  • Prism therapy
  • Surgeries
  • Exercises

Available doctors

  • Dr. Anuradha Chandra


    Specialization :Cataract, Squint
    Dr. A. Chandra completed MBBS & M.S(Opthalmology) from Medical College Kolkata in 2009. She has completed her Senior Residency in Pediatric Opthalmology Strabismus & Pediatric Glaucoma from Dr. R. P. Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi in 2012. She has numerous papers dealing with Glaucoma, Strabismus and Neurophthalmology in national & international journals.

  • Dr. Sailesh Ranjan Das

    MBBS(Cal), DO(Cal)

    Specialization :Squint

  • Dr. Ashim Kumar Dey

    MBBS, DO, MS

    Specialization :Oculoplasty, Orbit, Squint
    Dr Ashim Kr Dey completed MBBS, DO and MS from University of Calcutta. He a senior consultant of this hospital. He has an experience of being a Professor, Associate Professor and HOD for 9yrs. He is also an MBBS/DO Examiner for many reputed Universities. He specializes in squint and oculoplasty.