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Clinical Services


  • Cataract- Cataract services are delivered like identification of the cataract, reliable and convenient surgery (phaco or SICS), applicable IOL implantation (foldable, multi-piece etc.) and subsidized or free of cost surgeries embracing all socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Glaucoma- Glaucoma workup is done before starting anti-glaucoma medication or suggesting surgeries like trabeculectomy. Diagnosis of glaucoma is done after assessing intra-ocular pressure (tonometry), gonioscopy, fundus findings, slit-lamp examination etc.
  • LASER correction- LASER correction like YAG-PI is done for glaucoma suspects, who tend to develop glaucoma. YAG-Capsulotomy is done in cases where presence of deposits in posterior capsule, behind the IOL is seen. Prophylactic LASER is done when a patient has a retinal hole and this is a prevention from developing retinal detachment
  • Cornea and anterior segment- diagnosis of keratitis, corneal ulcers, dystrophies and degenerations is done by cornea specialists.
  • Retina- vitreo-retinal specialists are present in the premises where retinal complications are observed and diagnosed. Fundus photo, OCT, DFA, direct/indirect ophthalmoscopy , all these are done in retina clinic.
  • Squint clinic- squint workup involving, cover tests, PBCT, stereopsis etc. are performed. Patients suffering from diplopia undergo Hess Screen chart testing.
  • Pediatric ophthalmology- recording of visual acuity with Teller cards, Cardiff cards, bruckner’s reflex, slit lamp evaluation and ophthalmoscopy is done. ROP investigations are also done.
  • Neuro-ophthalmology
  • LASIK- LASIK correction for high refractive error patients is done after cross checking every criteria.
  • Orbit and Oculoplasty- orbital fractures are restored and oculoplasty surgeries are done.
  • Contact lens and CVS – contact lens unit has various kinds of contact lenses, keeping the need of the patient like cosmetic coloured lenses, cosmetic powered lenses, therapeutic lenses, occluder lenses etc. Pre and post fitting assessment and required Contact Lens hygiene is asked to maintain. CVS is the Computer Vision Syndrome wherein, the patient feels fatigueness in the eye after long hours of work in front of the computer. Counselling to such patients is also done.
  • Optical- the optical unit has different kinds of frames and spectacle lenses suiting to different requirements of the customer. Sunglasses are also available.
  • Pharmacy- the pharmacy has all the medicines that are prescribed by the doctors.
  • Outreach department- this department takes care of the camps where free eye checkup, vision screening, free spectacle dispensing, cataract identification and cataract surgeries for free or subsidized manner are done.
  • Diagnostic labs- the sugar test, urea- creatinine and other tests which are related to any ocular symptoms are done prior to any ocular surgery
  • Different treatment schemes- for different health scheme, there are certain concession .
  • Post-op care- patients and their guardians are instructed about post operative care that is to be taken care of
  • Out-patient department- walk in patients and on appointment patients are asked to get their eyes tested and checked in OPD
  • In-patient department – This department takes care of the in house patients during pre and post operative procedures.