Patient Stories

the brighter, the better

A 3 year old little baby boy came to us with his parents with the complaint of difficulty in reading writing or even playing. After thorough checkup, the doctors found out the boy had congenital cataract in both eyes. He belongs from a village named Nimchi, North 24 Paraganas where he goes to an ICDS school. The mentors there recommended Prabir’s parents to report to Susrut as he would not pay attention in class and would not catch the ball if thrown at him. He did not have any friends because of that as nobody wanted to keep him in “their team”. The bigger issue is that his mother too had cataract. When Prabir’s father went out for work as he is the only earning member, Prabir and his mother would be all alone. This was a huge problem. He underwent cataract surgery in right eye first. This has improved his vision and they are waiting to get another eye done

Sayonara Bullies

ArdhenduHazra, a 12 year old boy was referred to Susrut from a vision centre, and the boy came with both his eyes deviating inwards; alternately. A resident of Lakshipur, West Midnapore, he had no trouble in seeing things. But his appearance was compromised, because of which he often got bullied and laughed at by his friends in school and neighbourhood. Gradually he stopped talking to everybody. Ardhendu has 6 family members and his father is the only earning member. The surgery was done free of cost after which he was accepted normally by his friends and relatives.

Time for School

Sheikh Sajid Ali, 4, wasn’t being sent to school by his mother because she complained that he kept colliding everybody. This was probably because he had poor vision in both of his eyes due to congenital cataract. He came to Susrut with his grandfather and was diagnosed with congenital cataract in both eyes. He underwent cataract surgery in left eye. After the surgery was done, his vision has improved with time and his parents are planning for getting the next eye done. They are also looking forward to send him to school.

Near and Clear

A 16 year old boy, Karimun Mondal had poor vision in both his eyes since 5-6 years. He came to the hospital with his mother as the teachers persistently complained about his poor marks and loss of interest in sports. He himself, also kept complaining about difficulty in seeing nearby objects. When he came to us, he was having cataract in both eyes.He underwent cataract surgery in his right eye following which is normal activities were restored.