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Vision Technician Program

Vision Technician Program

Our Objectives:

  1. Under Vision Technician program, with the help of our project partners, identifies passionate rural youth and gives them training on basic vision screening and spectacle dispensing.
  2. To provide the best possible primary eye care services in the inaccessible area.
  3. Providing eye care facilities at an affordable price so that all may see.
  4. Enabling highly skilled and highly engaged workforce.
  5. Building a sustainable future.
  6. To drag down the no; of cataract and refractive error prevalence.
  7. To ensure employment to the unemployed youths.
  8. To create awareness regarding Cataract, Glaucoma, Refractive error, Diabetic Retinopathy among the rural population.
Our Strategies:

  1. Train young unemployed /under- employed men and women in rural and semi urban areas to carry out basic vision tests and set up their own optical micro enterprises selling prescription, glasses and sun glasses.
  2. Two months classroom training ( About primary Eye Care, Refractive Error, Pre and Post operative eye care and common eye diseases.)
  3. Ten months On Job Training in basic version screening and dispensing of spectacles.
  4. To provide every possible support to the optical shops to organise an eye checkups camps in their nearby localities and they will be referring the disease cases to the main hospitals and will refer the refractive error cases to their own shops.

Duration: one year
Course Fees: Twenty five thousand

One has to pass through Interview process. The admission process will be quarterly based.
Eligibility:minimum Higher Secondary Exam pass
Age Limit:25 to 35 years

Amirul IslamAmirul Islam
I am Amirul Islam. I used to be involved in my father’s business. One day while reading newspaper I came to know about this Vision Technician Program. Then I contacted Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre and took the training for Vision Technician Program of two months. Then I opened this shop. I will remember my father’s help and the tremendous support of Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre till my last breath. I am very happy with my earnings and I would like to thank Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre for this.The orders, which I get from here, are fulfilled by Susrut. I get tremendous help from Susrut.
Thank you.

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