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Vision Technician Program


Vision Technician Program

This program is affiliated by National Skill Development Corporation or NSDC. Vision Technician is an innovative program, to provide access to basic vision care for those people who suffer from Cataract which is the most common cause of blindness and Uncorrected Refractive Error (URE). The program addresses unmet needs for the vision care by training rural youth and helps them to set up their own micro enterprise. Vision Technician program addresses triple objectives: to provide sustainable opportunities to rural youth, to serve vision eye care needs of the rural communities of the country where people did not get proper treatment and development of a rural optician market.


Our Objectives:

  1. Under Vision Technician program, with the help of our project partners, identifies passionate rural youth and gives them training on basic vision screening and spectacle dispensing.
  2. To provide the best possible primary eye care services in the inaccessible area.
  3. Providing eye care facilities at an affordable price so that all may see.
  4. Enabling highly skilled and highly engaged workforce.
  5. Building a sustainable future.
  6. To drag down the number of cataract and refractive error prevalence.
  7. To ensure employment to the youths.
  8. To create awareness regarding Cataract, Glaucoma, Refractive error, Diabetic Retinopathy among the rural population.

Our Strategies:

  1. Train young men and women in rural and semi urban areas to carry out basic vision tests and set up their own optical micro enterprises selling prescription glasses and sun glasses.
  2. Two months classroom training ( About primary Eye Care, Refractive Error, Pre and Post operative eye care and common eye diseases.)
  3. Ten months on-job Training in basic version screening and dispensing of spectacles.
  4. To provide every possible support to the optical shops to organise eye checkups camps in their nearby localities and they will be referring the disease cases to the main hospitals and will refer the refractive error cases to their own shops.


Duration: one year
On job programme and camp exposure – 1st six months Theory and Hands on training and next six months – Job Programme & camp Exposure.

Course Fees:

Rs.18,000 (For Indian Candidates)
USD 710 (For Overseas Candidates)

Accommodation Charges Extra.



Certificate Course on Vision Technicians

Need for the Course

There is a need for a permanent eye care facility that could provide primary eye care to rural population. Hence it started establishing vision centres in rural areas.
A vision centre is a primary eye care centre that would serve a rural population of 50,000 – 70,000 on permanent basis. The functions of vision centre are
• Comprehensive Eye examination.
• Detection of Primary Eye Care & co-ordinating with doctors of base hospital.
• Delivering spectacles on the spot to correct refractive errors.
• Diagnosis of diabetes through blood sugar examination and counseling appropriately.
• Helping the patient to interact with ophthalmologist in the base hospital through
teleconference about the diagnosis and treatment.
• Diagnosis of secondary and tertiary eye problems and referring them appropriately to
the base hospital.
To discharge the functions of the vision center effectively, customized training of
refractionists is necessary based on the skills necessary to run a vision center successfully.
The course will primarily focus on enhancing the skills of refraction practitioners, to upgrade
their knowledge and to augment their ability in planning, organising and execution.

The aim of this course is to help the candidates
• Check vital signs and do simple lab tests
• Perform basic outpatient procedures
• Examine the eye for eye diseases
• Use necessary instruments to identify and assess eye disorders
• Maintain necessary details in the medical records in the proper format
• Learn basics of counselling skills
• Learn basics of optical counselling
• Process and dispense spectacles
• Use computers for processing data , create reports and maintain MIS
• Register the patients and do the billing
• Do EMR coding for Eye diseases diagnosed
• Store fundus photos in the suitable format for dissemination and future use
• Use GIS to relevant information
• Use teleconferencing facility for consultation and expert advice
• Use management principles in running the VC
• Organize follow up camp with the support from base Hospital

How will you learn?

Training Methodology
• Lectures and demonstrations
• Videos, PPTs
• Observation
• Discussion sessions
• Practice sessions
• Hands-on training
• Situation analysis study, seminars and case presentation
• Out reach camps and Vision centres posting
Evaluation Pattern
• Maintaining log book
• Weekly evaluation
• Practical Examination
• Final Exam (Theory & Practical)
Who can attend?
This training is designed for refractionists with a desire to increase their knowledge and clinical skill along with an attitude towards planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating activities towards carrying out the Vision Technician practice efficiently.
Eligibility Criteria
• Should have proficiency in doing subjective Refraction
• Working knowledge in Basic English

When to come?
• 2 months course is offered once a year.
• The upcoming course is scheduled from December 2015 to January 2016.

One has to pass through Interview process. The admission process will be quarterly based.

Eligibility:minimum Higher Secondary Exam pass

Age Limit:18 to 35 years

Amirul IslamAmirul Islam
I am Amirul Islam. I used to be involved in my father’s business. One day while reading newspaper I came to know about this Vision Technician Program. Then I contacted Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre and took the training for Vision Technician Program of two months. Then I opened this shop. I will remember my father’s help and the tremendous support of Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre till my last breath. I am very happy with my earnings and I would like to thank Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre for this.The orders, which I get from here, are fulfilled by Susrut. I get tremendous help from Susrut.
Thank you.