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Astigmatism Management Course

Astigmatism Management Course

Course Title: Astigmatism Management

This course is for practicing Ophthalmologists who are managing cataract patients with astigmatism correction by implanting the advance TORIC IOL.

Course Overview: Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre is one of the institutes in Ophthalmology in Eastern India who have best Cataract management service . This program started from January 2015 and is going on with grand success without compromising the patient’s safety. This is a fully structured & well equipped program under well known Cataract Surgery Development Associates.
We have two Training Centres with well connected communication, one is in Kolkata and the other one is in Berhampore.

Contact Person: Amit Pal
Cataract Surgery Development Associate In Charge
Teaching Training Department
Email Id :;
Course Objective:

To train practicing ophthalmologists who are interested to adopt the right skill & ideal technique for managing Surgically Astigmatism correction by implanting the advanced TORIC IOL.

Duration : 1 day (Every Sunday or Tuesday)

Eligibility Criteria : Qualified Practicing Ophthalmologist (MS/DO/DNB)

  1. Reference Marking
  2. Axis Marking on Goats Eye
  3. Lecture
  4. Patient Counselling
We have full furnished 5 star facility in house accommodation.
Our Team of Faculties:

Program In Charge & CSDA In Charge: Amit Pal

Co-Ordinator: Sourav Khanra
Ankita Bandyopadhyay (Senior)
Lovely Singh
Ranitava Banerjee
Shwet Nisha