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About Us

Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre

Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre is a partner of “Centre of Excellence in eye care”, a joint venture between Govt. of West Bengal.

In the 10 years of journey, Susrut Eye Foundation has proved itself as one of the best tertiary eye care institute in Eastern India with all modern facilities. Both our 4 storied and 9 storied facilities in Salt Lake are utilized for medical service delivery, training and research in Ophthalmology.

On increasing demand from the society and the request from the people of Murshidabad District, we have started an eye care centre and community eye hospital at Berhampore, Murshidabad from 12th February, 2006. Further to treat patients from across states Susrut initiates several secondary eye care centre and vision centers in states like West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Tripura.

New initiatives

Tele Medicine across our hospitals in Salt Lake, Berhampore, Bihar and Sundarban. School of Optometry / Nursing.

Susrut performed around 58,000 nos. of surgeries in Cataract & Vitreo-retinal department in 10 years. Yearly more than 1,00,000 patients treated in its Out-Patient Departments.

Advocacy related to eye donation are emphasized and till date 1,582 nos. of eyes have been collected and 539 nos. of eyes are implanted free of cost to honor the act of eye donation.

Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre believes that progress as a continuous process and collective effort of all of us in the interest of the mankind and with a promise to prevent needless blindness in our society.

Specialized Clinics

Specialized Clinics

Diabetic Eye Clinic

Diabetes is the single most important cause for death and disability world wide. It affects almost all organs in the body. It is estimated tat presently 19.4 million individuals are affected by this deadly disease and it is likely to go upto 57.2 million by 2025. With this statistics, every 5th diabetic in the world will be an Indian by 2025. more

Vision Correction Centre

Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre will help you to see the world without contact lenses and spectacles. Contact lens becomes cumbersome to maintain and has side effects like dry eye and infections when used for a prolonged period of time. The cost of maintaining it is also high. It is same with spectacles. They make you look older, breaks as well as gets misplaced. Moreover you cannot wear the same spectacles all through your lifetime. Spectacles too have expensive frames and lens.

In order to get rid of these common problems, you can come to Susrut Vision Correction Centre. We reshape your cornea by the help of laser beam. It is a painless and permanent solution for those with refractive errors. We conduct various tests before the procedure like Topography, Aberrometry, Pachymetry and detailed eye examination.

Vision Correction is also beneficial those who are in professions like airlines, engineering and security forces and appearing in Govt. jobs.

To ensure better result, we have the most advanced technology - Carl Zeiss MEL 80 which has features like eye tracker and takes lesser time to ablate the cornea.

Vision and Mission

  • Provide best eye care at affordable prices
  • Set new benchmarks in comprehensive eye care services
  • Comply with the Latest International Standards
  • Develop most advanced expertise and knowledge in vision care
  • Provide eye care community services to one and all irrespective of any social or economical background.

In the year 1998, Dr. Sunil Chandra Bagchi and Dr. Ratish Ch. Paul founded Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre with a motto to eradicate blindness and make this world a beautiful place to those who are still in darkness. Today, we are a leading non-profit organization dedicated to provide eye-care and rehabilitate people of all ages suffering from vision problems.

Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre’s commitment towards its goal of rendering sincere services towards the society earned it the “Centre of Excellence in eye care” by the Government of West Bengal.

Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre’s strength lies in its human sources; we have a self driven team of passionate, skilled and efficient Ophthalmologists, Optometerists, and dedicated nurses, to support them all a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

With the increase in demand from the society for a Tertiary Eye Care Centre, Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre setup its 2nd Phase 9-Storied Building, in 2001.

Considering our achievement where we have attained the highest performance in the field of eye care, it is our great honour to record that the Govt. of West Bengal has rewarded us by declaring Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre as 'Centre of Excellence in Eye Care' in West Bengal in collaboration with Dept. of Health & Family Welfare of Govt. of West Bengal It is very prestigious to be the first private eye care organization in Eastern India who has emerged itself as ‘Centre of Excellence in Eye Care’.