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The Story

The Story

In the year 1998, Dr. Sunil Chandra Bagchi and Dr. Ratish Ch. Paul founded Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre with a motto to eradicate blindness and make this world a beautiful place to those who are still in darkness. They realized the necessity of a team, an organization to overcome the insurmountable load of blindness in our country. Today, we are a leading non-profit organization dedicated to provide eye-care and rehabilitate people of all ages suffering from ophthalmic problems. In this journey, Susrut Eye Foundation has proved itself as one of the best tertiary eye care institute in Eastern India.

In the year 1999, Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre used to serve only 80 to 90 OPD where as in 2006 it inaugurated 9 storied building to reach out more OPD. We converted our first building into IPD department generating 500 patients per day with 60 patients in IPD per day providing DNB training and fellow training in ophthalmologist with social projects in Government and Non-Government.

Now, in current years we have served around 800 OPD with 80-90 IPD per day including outreach patients.

Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre’s strength lies in its human resources; we have a self driven team of passionate, skilled and efficient Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, dedicated nurses and staffs. Beside these we have a state-of-the-art infrastructure which complies with the Latest International Standards.

It is our great honor to record that the Govt. of West Bengal has rewarded us by declaring Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre as ‘Centre of Excellence in Eye Care’ in West Bengal in collaboration with Dept. of Health & Family Welfare of Govt. of West Bengal It is very prestigious to be the first private eye care organization in Eastern India who has emerged itself as ‘Centre of Excellence in Eye Care’.


“Provide eye care community services to one and all, irrespective of any social or economical background people and who are not reaching out”.


Target Beneficiaries

  • To make  our  mission  successful  we  would  like  to  extend  &  render  our services up to the extreme remote area because the people of backward class staying there are deprived of getting proper health care or eye care attention. These group of people are basically dependent on their day to day earnings, due to that they even compromise with health or eye checkups so that their daily earnings are not affected. In longer run this perspective will affect our society’s productivity in larger sense.
  • Identification of prospective community intervention for eradication of blindness.
  • To eradicate the prevalence of avoidable blindness from the underprivileged society.
  • To offer advanced clinical and surgical eye care service at subsidized cost to the marginalized society people who are not able to afford it.